Diamondly gets tightly tape bound by her step mommy JJ Plush 1
Diamondly gets tightly tape bound by her step mommy JJ Plush 2

For her first time ever 19 y/o Diamondly gets tape bound ! Diamondly wears a cute black panty and top and over everything a full body nude pantyhose and black high heels. JJ comes in and ask shy Diamondly if she would put the big red ballgag she in her mouth. Diamondly obeys and JJ starts to tape Diamondlys legs and hands. Then JJ ties up tightly Diamondlys elbows. Diamondly moans .. looks like she is enjoying it. After a little slap on Diamondlys cute ass JJ asks her to sit down on the couch where she tries to move out of her tape bondage. Then JJ also tapes up Diamondlys upper body. After shes finished Diamondly struggles for a while tightly taped. Also she cannot hold her drool anymore and starts do drool all over her body.. Light moaning comes out of Diamondlys mouth. Then JJ removes Diamondlys ballgag and stuffs her big mouth with her panty. Then she puts tape all over Diamondlys mouth and around the neck. Now All we can hear is a cute mmggghff. JJ orders Diamondly to go on her knees and keeps struggeling for a while. Then Diamondly lies on the floor and JJ puts some pantyhose over Diamondlys face. Then she puts more tape around her mouth and head and conntects it to Diamondlys feet. Now Diamondly is really tight hogtaped. Rolling and struggeling around Diamondly doesnt have any chance to escape. JJ keeps her struggeling for a while until she shows mercy and liberates Diamondly from her strict hogtie. In the end of the video we can see Diamondly removes herself her tapegag and takes the wet big panty out of her mouth.





Red Latex Dress Pole Strapado

2020-04-07Diamondly8:12 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Teen
 Red Latex Dress Pole Strapado 1
 Red Latex Dress Pole Strapado 2

Adorable young Swiss maiden Diamondly sits on the deck out by the pool tethered by her neck to a straw sun unbrella to protect her from the hot Spainish sun. She wears a skin tight red vinyl mini dress, stiletto heels, ropes and a big red ball gag jammed between her teeth. Her arms are fused behind her back with ropes crushing her elbows tightly together more rope bites into her wrists and ankles. She struggles helplessly on the ground pulling at the rope tethering her neck to the pole but there is no escape. The Hunter comes and frees her neck from the pole and pulls her to her feet. He ties a rope to her bound wrists then pulls her arms up high behind her back and ties her wrists to a ring at the rope of the unbrells pole. Her head is down looking at her knees as he wraps more ropes around her forearms and the pole fusing her arms to the pole. With the poor girls strictly bound to the pole he runs the rope still tied around her neck down to her bound ankles. He forcess her to inch her feet closer to the pole then ties her neck rope to her bound ankles. He leaves her alone to struggle by the pool as the sun sinks lower in the sky. Diamondly sobs and cries into her gag knowing that with the sun down the nasty biting gnats and mosquitos will come out and feast on her tender flesh. (8:04 minutes)

Captured Babygirl Supertight Hogtie

2020-03-31Diamondly8:17 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Teen
 Captured Babygirl Supertight Hogtie 1
 Captured Babygirl Supertight Hogtie 2

Adorable curly haired Diamondly awakes on a sofa tightly bound and gagged. She can feel her poor elbows kissing behind her back and the ropes slicing deep into her flesh around her elbows, wrists and knees. She can feel a round rubber ball filling her mouth and the shiny leather straps wrapping around her head, face and throat holding the panel gag firmly in her mouth. Diamonly pulls desperately at the ropes as she looks around the strange room asking herself why is she here and who left her helplessly bound and gagged. She pulls desperately at the ropes as she struggles on the sofa, she manages to slip her knees onto the floor and her big ripe ass wriggles in the air as she struggles. The Hunter comes in and finds his helpless captive awake and struggling, he tells her that he is waiting for her daddy to pay her ransom then she can go home. He pulls her top down and pinches her nipples. He lifts her off the floor and pulls her across his lap and gives her wriggling ass a few good swats. After her spanking sits her next to him and continues to pinch her nipples, grope and tease her. He tells her that he has to go out for a few hours and hopefully collect her ransom. Diamondly struggles on the sofa as he pulls up a coffee table then lays her across the table. A rope is tied between her bound stiletto heels, he runs the rope up to a metal ring at the top of her harness gag. He pulls the rope bowstring tight, pulling her head back then ties the end of the rope off to her bound, crushed elbows. He leaves poor Diamondly helplessly bound, gagged with her neck and back painfully arched on the table. (8:07 minutes)

Schoolgirl Outdoor Predicament Bondage

2020-03-24Diamondly10:53 minutesBondage, Outdoors, Teen
Schoolgirl Outdoor Predicament Bondage 1
Schoolgirl Outdoor Predicament Bondage 2

Diamondly moans into her gag as she awakens for her chemical induced slumberr. She tries to rub her aching head but her arms don't want to cooperate, as her head clears she suddenly realizes that the reason her arms won't cooperate is that they are tightly bound behind her back. She can feel the tight coils of rope biting deep into the soft flesh around her biceps and her wrists. Her elbows are slammed so tightly together that she can feel them rub together and her forearms fused together into a single unit. Her ankles are also tightly bound and she can feel a big rubber ball jammed between her teeth held in place by a leather panel that is strapped around her face. Diamondly rolls around on the sofa pulling desperately at the ropes but her arms are next to useless to her. She slips her knees off the sofa and desperately tries to reach the knots holding her ankles together with her outstretched fingers. She picks at the knots with her fingers and feels a sense of victory with the knots fall free and she is able to wriggle her ankles out of the ropes and get to her feet. She looks around the room wondering where she is and how she got here, but she knows she needs to escape before whoever left her tightly bound and gagged returns. She sees a door and rushes over to it and reaches for the door handle, but the door is locked and deadbolted, she tries to reach for the deadbolt but it doesn't budge, she sees another door on the other side of the room and decides she doesn't have time to fight with the deadbolt so runs over to the other door. Thankfully this door isn't locked and she pulls it open. Peeking into the next room she doesn't see or hear anybody so she slips throught the door and sees still another door leading outside. Diamondly looks outside into a large courtyard, she tiptoes out the door and doesn't know which way to go, she knows she needs to get as far away from the house as possible so takes the path down the terrace into the garden. She struggles to keep her feet in her stiletto heels on the flagstone path with her arms hanging uselessly behind her back. Once she descends the terrace she sees gate at the end of the wall, is seems to be the only way out so she runs over to the gate and struggles with the latch. The gate opens and she runs through, she can see one more gateway at the other end of the garden and now panic sets in that she maybe discovered just as she feels that she is so close to escaping. She rushes through the garden and doesn't hear the masked brutee until it is too late and his strong arms sieze her from behind. Diamondly screams into her gag in terror and frustration, she was so close to escape but her desperate dash has now been foiled. She struggles with the brutee but he is too powerful and with her arms uselessly tied behind her back she stands no chance. He drags into to a covered gazebo and pushes her down to sit on a wooden bench. He pulls out more rope and binds her ankles and knees tightly together. Another rope is cinched between her bound knee ane then run up over her shoulders to her the rope crushing her elbows tightly together. She sobs, begs and cries through her gag as he pulls in into a tight little ball with her chest to her knees. He cinches the ropes tight between her chest and knees to keep her in the tight little ball. Diamondly pulls at the rope but she is completely helpless now and the brutee isn't finished. He tells her that she needs to be punished for trying to escape so he ties a rope to the top of the gazebo and runs it down between her tightly bound wrists. Diamondly grunts and cries into her gag as her poor shoulders are pulled and twisted up behind her back as he pulls her wrists up with the rope. With her chest tied to her knees she can't straighten up to relieve to tension on her shoulders, elbows and wrists. Then to her horror he pulls the bench out from under her ass, her ass drops which pulls and stretches her poor shoulders even more. He leaves poor Diamondly struggling in her cruel predicament, she tries to push up with her legs muscles to relieve the stress on her shoulders but her legs begin to burn, tremble and shake from the stress of holding up her body in the squat position. She has to lower her ass when her before her legs give out but that only causes stress and pain in her shoulders and arms. Diamondly doesn't know how long she can hold out in the punishing squat strappado but there is no escape she will forcedd to endure her torment until her captors decide that she has had enough. (10:45 minutes)

3 Minute extrem bondage struggle by Diamondly 1
3 Minute extrem bondage struggle by Diamondly 2


Already tied up in a very tight hogtie Diamondly recieves a very nasty ropegag and struggels for full 3 minutes for your peasure. 

Hot Milf JJ ties up teen girl Diamondly in the white room 1
Hot Milf JJ ties up teen girl Diamondly in the white room 2

Diamondly hates her stepmother JJ.. But theres one good thing, JJ got a lot of very beautiful expensiv lingerie and Dia loves to sneak in her room to try on her stepmoms underwear. One day she has done it again and just came out of the bedroom when JJ came home earlier from work just runned into her step daughter wearing her lingerie. Very annoyed she grabs Dia by her arms, then she ballgags her and ties her arm. JJ doesnt like Dia neighter and today she gonna have her friends come over so she will tie up Dia in the dungeon so she wont be annoyed by her. Here starts Part 2 : The clip beginns with Dia s wrist and elbows already tied up. She also wears a tight crotchrope and red ballgag. Now JJ ties up her legs. Then JJ ties Dia s arms in a strict chicken wing and adds more rope all around Dia s belly and arms. JJ removes her panty and place it on Dias head to humiliate her. Then she removes the ballgag and forcess Dia to beg for putting the panty in her mouth. Now panty stuffed and vet wrapped Dia shows off her beautiful tied up body. Then Dia is ordered to lie on the floor which she does and JJ hogties her tightly. She also adds some more rope around her mouth to keep the gag extra tight. Then she lets her struggle for a while. But Dia is still moving way to much so JJ connects Dia with more rope to the celling. She also ties up Dia s beautiful nylon toes. At the end of the clip JJ puts even more vet wrap to keep Dia extra quiet. 

50 Minute uncutted rope torture for 19 y/o slave girl PART 2 1
50 Minute uncutted rope torture for 19 y/o slave girl PART 2 2
50 Minute uncutted rope torture for 19 y/o slave girl PART 2 3
50 Minute uncutted rope torture for 19 y/o slave girl PART 2 4


Now as she is so helpess Mario changes again the nipple clamps to some even worse ones where he puts some weight on it to torture Diamondlys sensitiv nippels. She screams as loud as she can.. But it doesnt change anything, Mario keenps tortuing the poor little girl until she cannot anymore.

50 Minute uncutted rope torture for 19 y/o slave girl PART 1 1
50 Minute uncutted rope torture for 19 y/o slave girl PART 1 2
50 Minute uncutted rope torture for 19 y/o slave girl PART 1 3
50 Minute uncutted rope torture for 19 y/o slave girl PART 1 4


Today Diamondly gonna test out her limits as a real ropeslave. Getting tied up by a sadistic rigger from Germany Diamondly wont get any mercy. She gets forcedd to remove all her cloth expect the shoes and gets tightly gagged with a black red harness gag. Now shes ordered to stand still and doesnt make any sound. Mario, her tormentor starts tieing up her legs from top to the bottom includes a tight crotchrope pinching Diamondlys pussy. Now shes allowed to sit down so Mario can brutally tie up her arms and elbows. He puts her in her belly and formes his tie to a strict strapado hogtie which connects her harnessgag to her feet. Diamondly slowly starts do suffer and you can hear silent moaning. For her misfortune Mario also puts some nasty nipple clamps on her tied little boobs. But Diamondly is still not on her limit so Mario takes out the tape and tape up all her mouth and arms. Its starts to be really tight and Diamondly moans more and more in pain

Elbow Suspension for the hot secretary

2020-02-16Diamondly28:58 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Teen
Elbow Suspension for the hot secretary 1
Elbow Suspension for the hot secretary 2

It is unbelievable what the little Diamondly can take. She really likes ropes and hard bondage. 

Torsten vs Stardust

2020-02-11St4rdust11:22 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Teen
Suspended hogtie with nylon hood and gag for 19 y/o Diamondly 1
Suspended hogtie with nylon hood and gag for 19 y/o Diamondly 2

Today Diamondly suffers a strict box hogtie wearing only plack pantyhose. After tieing her arms and legs savor suspends her. He stuffs her mouth then puts a nylon hood on her head and forms a cleave gag with the nylon. Now he pulls her higher so she is suspended vertical. He takes a nude vet wrap and wraps her face to the rope. Diamondly moans and struggles but she can't move at all. Then Sasori shows merci and lets her down. Diamondly think the torture is over but then Sasori pulls her up by only one leg. Diamondly screams but she can't do anything.

Hardly chair tied and tortured in blue twine 1
Hardly chair tied and tortured in blue twine 2

19 years young Diamondly has her first job as a secretary in a Swiss company. Her boss Sasori isn't happy at all that Diamondly doest work fast enough. One evening after work he orders her to his house. He brings Diamondly in his dungeon and tells her if she doesn't remove her cloth she will be fired. Diamondly really needs this job and she does how he says. Now her kinky sadistic boss starts to tie her up. She knows if she doesn't let him she would lose her job. First Sasori ties up her hands, then he cruelly bind her small tits. Diamondly suffers but she won't make any noise. Then Sasori orders her to sit down and ties up her legs and a puts some painful rope around her toes and feet. Then its time for her elbows. He ties them completely together and doesn't give her any change to escape. Diamondly moans from pain and he wants her to shut so he puts tight rope around her face throw her mouth. Then he tortures her tits and outs his hand over her mouth. Now strictly tied to the chair he puts her and the chair on the floor where she suffers for more minutes. He also ties her hair to the chair to stretch her head back ready to be used. After a lot of struggling and soabing he slaps her face and tickles her feet and then starts to untie her The clips ends with Sasori removes DIamondlys breast bondage and a camera close up of Diamondly's face suffering and screaming. 

Diamondly s Zip Tie Torture

2019-11-22Diamondly14:54 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Teen
Diamondly s Zip Tie Torture 1
Diamondly s Zip Tie Torture 2

In this clips 19 y/o Diamondly is wearing nude stockings and a white garter belt and string thong. Her breasts are cruelly bound and her tormentor T.MGun is tieing her up hardly with tipties. First her hands, feet and legs then her elbows and upper body. Then Diamondly gets hogtied. Also her feet and toes will be bound and tortured. Then T stuffs Diamondly s mouth with tissue and buts a big black ziptie over. Diamondly moans. Now she gets a ziptie around her head and one with a tight nosehook. But its not enough now T puts wrap all around Diamondly mouth and head so she can't do any noice anymore only a very silent mmmppphhh... Completely helpless Diamondly struggles and moans for a long while until her tormentor shows mercy.

An apple doesn't fall far from the tree

2019-11-13Diamondly and Minuit18:35 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Teen
An apple doesn't fall far from the tree 1
An apple doesn't fall far from the tree 2
An apple doesn't fall far from the tree 3
An apple doesn't fall far from the tree 4

Minuit's daughter Diamondly in steel shackles and tape. Tied up by Minuit! Unique combination

This clip starts with Diamondly already tied up in heavy dirty metal restraints. Dia wears a ringgag and my tits are hardly bound and are tortured by some very mean nipple clamps. She moan and struggle but she won't escape the tight metal around my wrists and ankles. After rolling around for a while drooling all over her face and bound tits Minuit puts Dia in a hogtie with the same metal restraints. She ties up my toes with rope and connects them to my black harness ballgag. In this very tough position she lets Dia suffer again for a long while. At the end she puts electrical tape all around Dias face and also connects it to her tortured blue toes. 

Real mother/daughter chicken-wing hogtie with rubber ropes  1
Real mother/daughter chicken-wing hogtie with rubber ropes  2

Diamondly is wearing a fishnet body stocking an black panties and a bra. Today her mother Minuit is gonna tie her up really hard. First Minuit ties Dias legs and then her elbows.  Dia holds her tied up arms in a chicken wing position and shows us the her beautiful body. Then Minuit ties the chicken wing and puts Dia on the bed.  Now she is tieing Dias toes and feet and connects them to her upper body. Dia struggles for a while. Then Minuit ties up her hair so Dias head is strictly pulled back. Minuit stuffs a big spone in Dias mouth and add 2 different vetwrap over. Dia is rolling and stuggeling but she cant move a lot anymore. Only a silent " mpphhh " At the end of the clip Minuit changes the gag to a big white ballgag and let Dia struggle for some more minutes. 

Minuit ties her daughter Diamondly to the bed and lets her wiggle 1
Minuit ties her daughter Diamondly to the bed and lets her wiggle 2
Minuit ties her daughter Diamondly to the bed and lets her wiggle 3
Minuit ties her daughter Diamondly to the bed and lets her wiggle 4

Probably unique in the www, real mum ties up her daughter.

19 years old cutie pie Diamondly gets tied up on her bed during her holidays in spain. Wearing pantyhose a sexy bra and high waist panties she looks absolitly sexy today. First she gets bound her arms behind her back and her hair strictly connected to her hands. Then she lies on her stomach and her leg wide open her arms get tied to a strapado. Now shes wiggeling around her tied up big booty to makes you hot and excited. Then her legs and feet as well as her elbows get tied up tightly. Then Dia will gets a cleave rope gag and more rope all over her face. Her hair connected to a nasty crotch rope makes her suffer and moan. At the end of the clip Dia gets her face tortured with some very mean clamps used as a nose hook.


2019-05-06Diamondly19:00 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Teen
Diamondly 1
Diamondly 2
Diamondly 3
Diamondly 4

At BoundCon XVI she will be seen live with Sasori and Damien Corwin