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Suspended hogtie with nylon hood and gag for 19 y/o Diamondly 1
Suspended hogtie with nylon hood and gag for 19 y/o Diamondly 2

Today Diamondly suffers a strict box hogtie wearing only plack pantyhose. After tieing her arms and legs savor suspends her. He stuffs her mouth then puts a nylon hood on her head and forms a cleave gag with the nylon. Now he pulls her higher so she is suspended vertical. He takes a nude vet wrap and wraps her face to the rope. Diamondly moans and struggles but she can't move at all. Then Sasori shows merci and lets her down. Diamondly think the torture is over but then Sasori pulls her up by only one leg. Diamondly screams but she can't do anything.

new sexy model

2018-08-29Joan Belle15:34 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Suspension
new sexy model 1
new sexy model 2
new sexy model 3
new sexy model 4

In a suspension and she goes off full, the little one