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Red Latex Dress Pole Strapado

2020-04-08Diamondly8:12 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Teen
 Red Latex Dress Pole Strapado 1
 Red Latex Dress Pole Strapado 2

Adorable young Swiss maiden Diamondly sits on the deck out by the pool tethered by her neck to a straw sun unbrella to protect her from the hot Spainish sun. She wears a skin tight red vinyl mini dress, stiletto heels, ropes and a big red ball gag jammed between her teeth. Her arms are fused behind her back with ropes crushing her elbows tightly together more rope bites into her wrists and ankles. She struggles helplessly on the ground pulling at the rope tethering her neck to the pole but there is no escape. The Hunter comes and frees her neck from the pole and pulls her to her feet. He ties a rope to her bound wrists then pulls her arms up high behind her back and ties her wrists to a ring at the rope of the unbrells pole. Her head is down looking at her knees as he wraps more ropes around her forearms and the pole fusing her arms to the pole. With the poor girls strictly bound to the pole he runs the rope still tied around her neck down to her bound ankles. He forcess her to inch her feet closer to the pole then ties her neck rope to her bound ankles. He leaves her alone to struggle by the pool as the sun sinks lower in the sky. Diamondly sobs and cries into her gag knowing that with the sun down the nasty biting gnats and mosquitos will come out and feast on her tender flesh. (8:04 minutes)

Captured Babygirl Supertight Hogtie

2020-04-01Diamondly8:17 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Teen
 Captured Babygirl Supertight Hogtie 1
 Captured Babygirl Supertight Hogtie 2

Adorable curly haired Diamondly awakes on a sofa tightly bound and gagged. She can feel her poor elbows kissing behind her back and the ropes slicing deep into her flesh around her elbows, wrists and knees. She can feel a round rubber ball filling her mouth and the shiny leather straps wrapping around her head, face and throat holding the panel gag firmly in her mouth. Diamonly pulls desperately at the ropes as she looks around the strange room asking herself why is she here and who left her helplessly bound and gagged. She pulls desperately at the ropes as she struggles on the sofa, she manages to slip her knees onto the floor and her big ripe ass wriggles in the air as she struggles. The Hunter comes in and finds his helpless captive awake and struggling, he tells her that he is waiting for her daddy to pay her ransom then she can go home. He pulls her top down and pinches her nipples. He lifts her off the floor and pulls her across his lap and gives her wriggling ass a few good swats. After her spanking sits her next to him and continues to pinch her nipples, grope and tease her. He tells her that he has to go out for a few hours and hopefully collect her ransom. Diamondly struggles on the sofa as he pulls up a coffee table then lays her across the table. A rope is tied between her bound stiletto heels, he runs the rope up to a metal ring at the top of her harness gag. He pulls the rope bowstring tight, pulling her head back then ties the end of the rope off to her bound, crushed elbows. He leaves poor Diamondly helplessly bound, gagged with her neck and back painfully arched on the table. (8:07 minutes)

3 Minute extrem bondage struggle by Diamondly 1
3 Minute extrem bondage struggle by Diamondly 2


Already tied up in a very tight hogtie Diamondly recieves a very nasty ropegag and struggels for full 3 minutes for your peasure. 

Sexy natural redhead Stardust gets brutally tied up by T-McGun with one single rope 1
Sexy natural redhead Stardust gets brutally tied up by T-McGun with one single rope 2
Sexy natural redhead Stardust gets brutally tied up by T-McGun with one single rope 3
Sexy natural redhead Stardust gets brutally tied up by T-McGun with one single rope 4

Super sexy Stardust cant believe that T-McGun can make her suffer a strict predicament bondage with only one single rope. She accepts the challenge and regrets it soon. Stardust cant move at all anymore after T-McGun finished his tie. She moans and screams from pain then T-McGun shuts her up by grabing her throat and  control her breath.

Diamondly s Zip Tie Torture

2019-11-23Diamondly14:54 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Teen
Diamondly s Zip Tie Torture 1
Diamondly s Zip Tie Torture 2

In this clips 19 y/o Diamondly is wearing nude stockings and a white garter belt and string thong. Her breasts are cruelly bound and her tormentor T.MGun is tieing her up hardly with tipties. First her hands, feet and legs then her elbows and upper body. Then Diamondly gets hogtied. Also her feet and toes will be bound and tortured. Then T stuffs Diamondly s mouth with tissue and buts a big black ziptie over. Diamondly moans. Now she gets a ziptie around her head and one with a tight nosehook. But its not enough now T puts wrap all around Diamondly mouth and head so she can't do any noice anymore only a very silent mmmppphhh... Completely helpless Diamondly struggles and moans for a long while until her tormentor shows mercy.

Real mother/daughter chicken-wing hogtie with rubber ropes  1
Real mother/daughter chicken-wing hogtie with rubber ropes  2

Diamondly is wearing a fishnet body stocking an black panties and a bra. Today her mother Minuit is gonna tie her up really hard. First Minuit ties Dias legs and then her elbows.  Dia holds her tied up arms in a chicken wing position and shows us the her beautiful body. Then Minuit ties the chicken wing and puts Dia on the bed.  Now she is tieing Dias toes and feet and connects them to her upper body. Dia struggles for a while. Then Minuit ties up her hair so Dias head is strictly pulled back. Minuit stuffs a big spone in Dias mouth and add 2 different vetwrap over. Dia is rolling and stuggeling but she cant move a lot anymore. Only a silent " mpphhh " At the end of the clip Minuit changes the gag to a big white ballgag and let Dia struggle for some more minutes. 

Kaecie James and Lew Rubens

2018-07-21Kacie James24:02 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Kaecie James and Lew Rubens  1
Kaecie James and Lew Rubens  2
Kaecie James and Lew Rubens  3
Kaecie James and Lew Rubens  4

A sexy girl gets tied up and thrown in the pool.