Real mother/daughter chicken-wing hogtie with rubber ropes  1
Real mother/daughter chicken-wing hogtie with rubber ropes  2

Diamondly is wearing a fishnet body stocking an black panties and a bra. Today her mother Minuit is gonna tie her up really hard. First Minuit ties Dias legs and then her elbows.  Dia holds her tied up arms in a chicken wing position and shows us the her beautiful body. Then Minuit ties the chicken wing and puts Dia on the bed.  Now she is tieing Dias toes and feet and connects them to her upper body. Dia struggles for a while. Then Minuit ties up her hair so Dias head is strictly pulled back. Minuit stuffs a big spone in Dias mouth and add 2 different vetwrap over. Dia is rolling and stuggeling but she cant move a lot anymore. Only a silent " mpphhh " At the end of the clip Minuit changes the gag to a big white ballgag and let Dia struggle for some more minutes. 

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November 12, 2019 09:49 TieHerUpTight ★★★★★ Another amazing bondage video with the daughter/mother couple! And again I looooove this one! Especially sexy is how the mother slaps her daughter ass and cheeks in between. It's wonderful to see how she puts effort into tightening the ropes and therefore giving her sexy daughter no chance to escape! And I love the mother wearing leggings. Please, another one!
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