Mistress Kristin and Sir Rob with Minuit in the Dungeon 1
Mistress Kristin and Sir Rob with Minuit in the Dungeon 2
Mistress Kristin and Sir Rob with Minuit in the Dungeon 3
Mistress Kristin and Sir Rob with Minuit in the Dungeon 4
An intense and very emotional session. Minuit dives into the depths of her soul

Torture Bondage with Afsana

2017-04-25Afsana and Minuit15:31 minutesBondage
Torture Bondage with Afsana 1
Torture Bondage with Afsana 2
Torture Bondage with Afsana 3
Torture Bondage with Afsana 4

Short and sweet, Afsana brings Minuit to its border and beyond. Just hard for Minuit to turn 40 this year :-)

Hogtied in Paradies

2017-04-18Minuit18:47 minutesBondage
Hogtied in Paradies 1
Hogtied in Paradies 2
Hogtied in Paradies 3
Hogtied in Paradies 4

In our new garden, Minuit is tied to a post for the first time and has to bite her teeth pretty hard. How beautiful life can be.

Torture for breastslave Bettine

2017-04-11Bettine28:19 minutesBondage
Torture for breastslave Bettine 1
Torture for breastslave Bettine 2
Torture for breastslave Bettine 3
Torture for breastslave Bettine 4

Her wonderful tits are beautifully tied. She flies towards the pleasure.

hard bullwhip Session with the chief

2017-04-04Minuit32:43 minutesBDSM

supertight session

2017-03-28Minuit39:24 minutesBondage

Outdoor Pain Lesson

2017-03-21Minuit35:45 minutes
Outdoor Pain Lesson  1
Outdoor Pain Lesson  2
Outdoor Pain Lesson  3
Outdoor Pain Lesson  4

Outside in Spain, Minuit is bound accessible and hard rangenommen with punches. Minuit is in her element and flies. Gagged with foil, their screaming is kept within limits.

Classic Minuit Sasori Home Bondage

2017-03-14Minuit28:28 minutesBondage
Classic Minuit Sasori Home Bondage 1
Classic Minuit Sasori Home Bondage 2
Classic Minuit Sasori Home Bondage 3
Classic Minuit Sasori Home Bondage 4

At home in the bedroom Minuit is expecting one of our racks and she has to endure a nasty bondage and the hated pump gag with lots of drooling before she can go to xxx.

Mummification Bondage

2017-03-07Minuit31:41 minutesBondage
Mummification Bondage  1
Mummification Bondage  2
Mummification Bondage  3
Mummification Bondage  4

Minuit has no chance to move or escape. Foil, tape and rope give her the rest!

outdoor pain lesson

2017-02-28Bettine and Minuit27:35 minutesBDSM
outdoor pain lesson 1
outdoor pain lesson 2
outdoor pain lesson 3
outdoor pain lesson 4

Bettine's master lets them fly on the back of pain. She loves it. Bettine has to watch and is tied to the box by Sasori.

Hard Session for Minuit

2017-02-21Minuit30:27 minutesBondage
Hard Session for Minuit 1
Hard Session for Minuit 2
Hard Session for Minuit 3
Hard Session for Minuit 4

fixed to a bar with straps, the nipples tied to the table, tortured, disfigured and used as mouth cunt

Living Room Bondage Session

2017-02-13Minuit31:58 minutesBondage
Living Room Bondage Session 1
Living Room Bondage Session 2
Living Room Bondage Session 3
Living Room Bondage Session 4

A Sasori style living room decoration? So tightly bound and draped, he imagines it.


2017-02-06Minuit12:01 minutes
PoolPlay 1
PoolPlay 2
PoolPlay 3
PoolPlay 4

Minuit's small breasts are tied hard and tied with her hands. In the water she learns to endure fear. A tight wooden gag rounds off her suffering.

Bullwhip Session with the Chief

2017-01-30Minuit16:35 minutesBDSM
Bullwhip Session with the Chief 1
Bullwhip Session with the Chief 2
Bullwhip Session with the Chief 3
Bullwhip Session with the Chief 4

I am put into heavy iron chains, the heels make standing all the more difficult. Then I'll be poisoned and flogged by the boss himself. I must suffer quite a lot and enjoy the punishments. I am prevented from orgasm over and over again by poisonous electric shocks. I fight desperately against the lack of opportunity.

Minuit Tortoure

2017-01-21Minuit48:06 minutesBondage
Minuit Tortoure 1
Minuit Tortoure 2
Minuit Tortoure 3
Minuit Tortoure 4

Sasori once again lives up to his name and delivers Minuit completely. Nose hook, xxx gag, anything your heart desires. Minuit's all that's left is a miserable whimper.

Hart mit Gurten fixiert

2017-01-14Minuit21:11 minutes
Hart mit Gurten fixiert 1
Hart mit Gurten fixiert 2
Hart mit Gurten fixiert 3
Hart mit Gurten fixiert 4

Auch diesmal gibt es für mich kein Entrinnen. Sasori legt die Gurte stramm und gnadenlos um meinen Körper, bis ich total wehrlos zu einem kleinen Packet zusammengezurrt bin. Ich werde nass vor lauter Seilschmerz.

Custom Video by a Fan

2017-01-07Minuit19:44 minutesBondage
Custom Video by a Fan 1
Custom Video by a Fan 2
Custom Video by a Fan 3
Custom Video by a Fan 4

A very loyal fan booked me in the hotel and took me into his ropes, whipped me and enjoyed my suffering. Thanks for the great session :-) You can do that too. Only with and on to the deed! Minuit doesn't bite ;-) mostly anyway.

Hogtied by the pool

2016-12-31Minuit13:35 minutesBondage
Hogtied by the pool 1
Hogtied by the pool 2
Hogtied by the pool 3
Hogtied by the pool 4

Want a sunbath? Gladly. super tightly tied with rubber cords, the head with a stocking tightly fixed to the back and let fry in the sun.