Captured Babygirl Supertight Hogtie 1
 Captured Babygirl Supertight Hogtie 2

Adorable curly haired Diamondly awakes on a sofa tightly bound and gagged. She can feel her poor elbows kissing behind her back and the ropes slicing deep into her flesh around her elbows, wrists and knees. She can feel a round rubber ball filling her mouth and the shiny leather straps wrapping around her head, face and throat holding the panel gag firmly in her mouth. Diamonly pulls desperately at the ropes as she looks around the strange room asking herself why is she here and who left her helplessly bound and gagged. She pulls desperately at the ropes as she struggles on the sofa, she manages to slip her knees onto the floor and her big ripe ass wriggles in the air as she struggles. The Hunter comes in and finds his helpless captive awake and struggling, he tells her that he is waiting for her daddy to pay her ransom then she can go home. He pulls her top down and pinches her nipples. He lifts her off the floor and pulls her across his lap and gives her wriggling ass a few good swats. After her spanking sits her next to him and continues to pinch her nipples, grope and tease her. He tells her that he has to go out for a few hours and hopefully collect her ransom. Diamondly struggles on the sofa as he pulls up a coffee table then lays her across the table. A rope is tied between her bound stiletto heels, he runs the rope up to a metal ring at the top of her harness gag. He pulls the rope bowstring tight, pulling her head back then ties the end of the rope off to her bound, crushed elbows. He leaves poor Diamondly helplessly bound, gagged with her neck and back painfully arched on the table. (8:07 minutes)